What's Ailing You?

Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.

1 Peter 4:19

      As we get up in years, it seems the number of aches and pains also goes up. The most common complaint is pain of one kind or another. Sound familiar?
      The first thing we need to do is take it to the Lord in prayer. In his bitter suffering, Jesus prayed to his Father. Jesus took on our human flesh in order to experience life as we do. We cannot imagine the pain he suffered for our salvation. Jesus understands our pain and provides strength in our weakness. We can, likewise, pray to our Father and ask for the peace which only he can give.
      The apostle Paul, who endured a lifetime of affliction, reminds us that “our suffering is not even worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18). We can depend on God’s loving care now and forever.

Chuck Conner
Festus, MO

Lord God, please give me your strength which is made perfect in my weakness. Amen.

Share: Share Christ’s loving care with someone else who has ailments just like yours.

Read: 1 Peter 5:6-11 and Romans 8:35-39