Light is Triumphant

The light shines in the darkness.

John 1:5

      Birthday candles, fireworks, and campfires. What do these objects have in common? Each is an example of light that is special in its own way and has a distinct purpose. Jesus came into the world to bear witness to the light. The light that shines in the world today is the very life of the son of God. Light is the essence of God’s being. Light is the nature and character of God. The light of God is his holiness, righteousness, and goodness. Christ has provided the light in our darkness of sin so that we can see God and be rescued from eternal death. The light of Christ is triumphant over all evil and darkness in the world.
      As Christians, we are called to be bearers of the light to those that need to hear about Jesus. When we share our faith, we spread the light of Christ. To be a light
in today’s world means that you need to know God’s Word, to live God’s Word, and to act on your faith by sharing your Gospel light.

David Bever
Las Vegas, NV

Lord, help me to shine my light for you. Amen.

Reflect: Light a candle at devotions to remind you of Jesus’ light.

Read: John 1:1-18 and Genesis 1:4