Son Light

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Genesis 1:3

      We live in the Pacific Northwest. In January, we are ready for light! Sunlight! Can you relate? How wonderful that the Epiphany Season coincides with what can be cloudy, dreary days.
      This month, God’s Son Light shines into our lives with the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus. He is God’s “light of life” for you. God spoke light into being in creation. He illuminates our lives not only with the sun, but with
his Son, Jesus. Jesus is Light to enlighten the darkness.
Jesus, Son Light, bestows hope and joy as he illuminates our souls.
      God drew Magi to worship Jesus with the light of a
miraculous star. Today, he draws you to worship Jesus
with the Light of his Gospel. It will light up your heart
and face!

Don Schatz
Lynnwood, WA

Lord Jesus, shine on me through your Word today.

Reflect: Turn on a light today and know God’s light shines on you.

Read: Psalm 43 and Numbers 6:24-26