Lighten Up!

The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad.

Psalm 126:3

      I recall an often-used quote by an old friend of mine that says, “If you love Jesus, why don’t you tell your face about it?” Ah, the wisdom of us older adults, right?
      But if you are like I am, we at times forget about allowing our “Joy in the Lord” to show through our facial expressions as well as our words and actions. Perhaps we do not stop laughing because we are older but we feel older because we stop laughing! Let us remind each other that we live on “this side” of the Resurrection. Joy in the Lord is not being happy all the time. Joy in the Lord is celebrating life even through the darkness and struggles of life.

Rich Bimler
Bloomingdale, IL

Lord, thanks for reminding us that even through our struggles, you are always there comforting and bringing us hope and joy. Amen.

Reflect: Try smiling more intentionally this week and see what kinds of reactions you receive.

Read: Genesis 21:6 and Job 39:22