Face to Face

...the Lord make his face to shine upon you...

Numbers 6:25

      Remember the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul”? In fact, God created the brain right behind your eyes to have mirror neurons. These neurons pick up emotions from someone gazing at your face. As those eyes show delight, your brain mirrors this into your spirit as well as your facial muscles. The original person picks up your facial changes and the signal bounces back and forth, increasing the joy intensity. All this happens in seconds.
      Imagine when God’s face is shining on you—his delight watching you wake up this morning, his grin over your laughter at cards, his smile at your bowed head before a meal.
      As you pause to look toward God’s face, the love of Jesus will fill you with light so you can reflect his love to others.

Julaine Kammrath
Aurora, IL

Guide me, Lord, to pause and respond to your face on me, the delight of your eyes. Amen.

Reflect: Cut out a picture of Jesus’ face as a reminder that his face is toward you with gladness.

Read: Psalm 4:6 and Psalm 44:3