The Light Still Shines

“While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.”

John 12:36

      A day filled with sunshine makes everyone feel better. We are always thrilled when we plan an activity or outing and the sun is shining. It ensures a pleasant day. When it’s cloudy and gloomy and the sun is hidden behind the clouds, our dispositions often become cloudy, also.
      Is the sun still shining even when it’s cloudy and we can’t see the brightness? Yes, it is, or our world would be in total darkness.
      We like it when the “sunshine” of God’s goodness is evident, and we can see his blessings. But what happens when difficult things enter our lives and we feel as though God has hidden his blessings from us? We remain confident that Christ’s light and love shine through the darkness and no amount of darkness can overcome it.

Gloria Doty
Fort Wayne, IN

Father, thank you for the light of your love that you shine on us every day. Amen.

Reflect: Be thankful for each day whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

Read: John 8:12 and John 11:9