Missing Ingredient

...but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?

Genesis 22:7

     Near disaster! I forgot an essential ingredient for the recipe. If a quick trip to the store is not an option, then a substitute is the only recourse. Life is similar to this scene we’ve played repeatedly. Unfortunately, we can’t go shopping for the traits that make up a recipe for the perfect human being. We use what we are born with.
      We can’t reach into the pantry or refrigerator to fix our regrets, but God knew our sinful natures. He gave us the perfect solution, the one ingredient necessary for every recipe for life—Jesus. He was sent to be our substitute. Faith in him is the substitute for every missing ingredient in us, and it’s always available because the Holy Spirit guides us into faith in the ransom God provided.

Judy Scherr
Lemay, MO

Loving God, thank you for providing the ingredient we didn’t even know we needed. Amen.

Reflect: Make an inventory of your pantry; think of what’s missing in your life. Let Jesus fill the gap.

Read: Genesis 22:1-14 and Romans 8:31-32