I Do it Mytelf

Jun 14, 2024    Connie Streich

At a young age, “I do it my-telf” was my response to my parents’ inquiries asking if I needed help.

My early sewing included bag zippers. The first one had the correct outer fabric on one side, and the other outer side was the lining, supposed to be in the inside. I kept that bag as a reminder to “always ask for our Lord’s guidance in all things.” Another bag had the zipper installed properly. I was making sure it would open and close properly before sewing the side seams. The zipper tab came completely off. I worked on getting the tab on for hours. I told myself “I can do it.” I threw it down, giving up. The next morning, my first words were, “OK, Lord, I can’t do this on my own; please help me.” Within minutes, the tab was firmly attached to the zipper again. After a few decades, “I do it my-telf” turned into “please help me, Lord.”