Bruised Reeds

Sep 23, 2023    Constance Bretscher

God has put many people in my life — some to help me and some he urges me to help. I call the latter “bruised reeds.” Life has given them thorns, not roses.

Perhaps some have experienced unemployment, broken relationships, chronic ill health, and for some reason (God’s reasoning?), they look to me for answers. I cannot visit as I once did, but we can pray on a phone call. It is not money that they are seeking, but peace that only comes from our Prince of Peace. I feel that peace in my daily life of many years, and I want what God tells me to do — share it. For that I pray for the Holy Spirit’s strength and wisdom to gently direct my bruised reeds to the loving arms of my savior, the true source of peace.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me find that wisdom in your strong word. Amen.