The Gift Boomeranged

Sep 27, 2023    Connie Streich

I included Prayer Shawl information for my church’s list regarding involvement in ministries.

I shared that the baptismal blankets, shawls, and afghans are lovingly and prayerfully made for the recipient of any age. While our finished craft brings a tangible source of comfort and warmth to the recipient, the crafter is also renewed from the monthly meetings of prayer and devotion, as well as sharing ideas, and being spiritually uplifted on a one-to-one basis.

Each member gives of her time and uses God-given skills in making these items at home and at the meetings. We generally use personal funds to buy the supplies. Even though we give from the heart in creating these items, I feel more blessed among the camaraderie and sharing. It’s the gift that boomeranged right back to each of us.