Cheerful? Willing?

Sep 24, 2023    Neal A. Orabka

This verse makes me wonder: How does one give cheerfully? Why would God love a cheerful giver? Would God love a grumpy giver? Then I realized where my problem is: upon the word “cheerful.” It may be the proper Greek translation, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

Here’s my replacement translation: God loves a willing giver. A willing giver gives because he/she sees a need and wishes to respond. A willing giver gives from the heart, not out of obligation.

Jesus gave willingly. He gave himself. He responded to the needs of people. Willingly, Jesus ascended the cross for us. He gave so that we might have.

Are you a willing giver? If you are, you’re most likely also a generous giver. And when you are both, you’ll be cheerful. Are you?