Surrender to God's Good

Sep 26, 2023    Nancy Rapp

Surrender has a negative connotation. The losers hold out the white flag and submit to the enemy.

With God, surrender is positive. God has power and authority over all things as creator of all things. His very triune nature is one of unfathomable love between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and towards all he created.

When prayers for family and friends weigh heavy on our hearts, we can pray and surrender these knowing God loves us, he is in control. He holds all things together and works all things for good.

When all else falls away, we, like weaned children, rest in the comforting embrace of our Father and will one day see his loving face. His is the eternal voice calling our name.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us realize that you have us in your care. Let us find rest for our souls in your unending love. Amen.